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Well. Here it is. Roland Bingaman gave me the chance to visualize a very important project, and I will be forever grateful. It took a unique crew to bring these ambitious concepts to life, one of them being John Carrington who signed on early in the process and is responsible for making this a beautiful as it is. This was created by a humble group of friends, who put the project above themselves. Hard work and passion will take you far, but without community and the people who love you, its all for nothing.


Director: Dylan Hahn

Starring: Madison Zirnsak and Roland Bingaman

Director of Photography: John Carrington III

Producers: Wende Witus and Dylan Hahn

Steadicam Operator: Hudson Stafford

1st AC: Kyle Vines

2nd AC: Elizabeth Coggins

Gaffer: Heath Franklin

Key Grip: TJ Morrison

Grip:  Kevin Murray

SFX Supervisor: Andy Piatt

SFX Assistant: Jonathan Piatt
Production Assistants: Kate Kiddo, Elias Gandy, Jenice Hernandez
Wardrobe and Stylist: Jagger | James Salon
Makeup Artist: Hannah Turley
Talent Supervisor: Noah Turley
Editor: Dylan Hahn
Asst. Editor: Caleb Farmer
Color Grade: John Carrington III
Title Design: Adam Swisher
Behind the Scenes: Bryce Menzter

The song “Wait” was produced by Kyle Rictor and mastered by Dan Courant

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