december/30/2019 - january/3/2020

charlotte, north carolina

5 days were spent crossing this country, and we decided that we couldn’t move to the west coast without our kitty. At 20 years old we wondered if she could make the trip, and well she did.

but it wasn't without protest.

nashville, tennessee

stop number one, only 7 hours from what used to be home.


little rock, arkansas

middle-american roadside oddities are a favorite of ours. this one served us lunch.


amarillo, texas

big feelings

winslow, arizona

her first taste of desert grass 

the coldest moment in the journey was undoubtedly our stop to the grand canyon. the walk to the overlook was much longer than we expected and despite the bitter cold all three of us got to see the view.

the grand canyon, arizona


las vegas, nevada

five days on the road meant four nights in hotels. depending on the city, the pet fee was sometimes just as expensive as the room itself. so we'd check-in online and sneak her in through the stairwell. she was happy to be settled.

we were cautioned by many to keep her in the car, in a cage, or on a leash. but unlike most cats, this one is far too old and dependant on us to go anywhere fast. 

silverado, california

2,449 miles from charlotte, nc


375 square feet

built-in the 1920's


now we strive to be a canyon local here in silverado, california and we’ve never been more excited to see what life has for us. this is a time for us to work hard, save money, and create in a new landscape. as for kitty, we think she's got another 20 years left in her.

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 7.30.47 PM_000

all photos shot on the

canon t50 35mm slr